PHOTOS & VIDEO: Thalia in an interview with “Houston Style Magazine” (October 1st, 2015)


What does the American dream look like to you? It can be defined and envision in an unlimited number of ways and ideas. Internationally recognized singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and designer, Thalía’s dream had many layers some of which included acting and singing. Already one of the most influential Mexican Americans, the Queen of Latin Pop has now realized another layer of her dream, the launching of her clothing line at Macy’s. “It (launching her clothing line) is not something that Thalía did. It is something that Latina did in a very American store like Macys. So it is like an American dream and to me that is very powerful for all of us as a culture,” said Thalía is a recent interview with Houston Style Magazine.

We caught up with Latin star at the official launch of her collection, Thalía Sodi, at Macy’s Memorial City. The new collection that hit Macy’s stores in September is full of jewelry, apparel and shoes in colors, prints, and fabrics as vibrant and bold as Thalía herself. Everything in the collection is beautiful so much so that Thalía can’t pick a favorite piece. She loves them all! “All of the pieces – the jewelry, the shoes, the skirts – everything I love! But I have to say the prints are what make it different; the colors, the textures, the fabrics and, of course, the fit is super important to me,” expressed Thalía, who also added that she wants the woman that wears Thalía Sodi to feel comfortable and glamorous while in her clothes.

Macy’s invites buyers to create a look while shopping the Thalía Sodi line that is sold exclusively at Macy’s as all pieces compliment each other well. Fierce reds, electric blues and passionate purples are big in Thalía line. Describing the creation of the line like being at a playground, Thalia sees her involvement in brining the line to fruition as a great creative outlet. “Everything is like a playground for me. Like creating jewelry and creating prints and colors and shoes, I think it is fun,” a joyful Thalía said. “Everything that allows me to feel creative is good like when I write music, when I sing and act creating a character. It is good. It is another act of creativity so I like it.”

Something else high on Thalía’s like list is meet and greeting her fans. In fact, it’s a priority. It excites the songstress to be able to be face-to-face with the people that help to put her where she is today. “This is what excites me more about this event,” said Thalía. “Everyday I wake up and connect with them on social media. That’s my extension and so that is my priority.” She also noted that her top priority were her children Sabrina and Matthew and husband Tommy.

Thalía continues making her mark in different endeavors as she inspires so many, especially from the Latin community. She has a message for all the young girls looking at her with stars in their eyes. “Don’t ever believe what everybody says about your dreams. If you have something in your heart, go for it.” Thalía continues, “Learn whatever about that thing. Whatever you are like obese with, whatever you want to create, learn from A-to-Z about that whole thing and fight for it. Find a way to make it real because we are here in this world to do that.”

We are also here to shop at Macy’s. Check out Thalía’s collection, Thalía Sodi, sold exclusively at Macy’s today. For more information, visit

On Saturday, September 19, 2015, Houston Style Magazine was on hand at Macy’s Memorial City as Thalia officially launched Thalia Sodi Fall Collection in celebration with Hispanic Heritage Month. Fans got the chance to meet and greet the fashion and music icon. The collection includes apparel, shoes and jewelry. The line captures the passion, charisma and style of the legendary Thalia Sodi and features feminine, figure-flattering dresses, tops, and pants, as well as bold prints, bright colors, sexy silhouettes and glitzy jewelry. Photography by Mike Munoz .

Source: Houston Style Magazine


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