created by March of Dimes for Hispanic Moms; Thalia helps raise awareness

Spanish-speaking women have a new alternative in seeking information for a healthy pregnancy and baby with the website

In collaboration with the March of Dimes, Latin Grammy Award singer Thalia is supporting The singer has raised awareness for mom and mom-to-be as global ambassador for the March of Dimes. “I feel so privileged as a mom to be part of a significant organization like the March of Dimes that works hard to prevent prematurity and helps moms to have healthy babies,” said Thalia, mother of two children. “I’m very happy that the March of Dimes has even more resources available to continue to educate moms and families worldwide. As a mom, I can’t think of anything more important than the health of our children.” offers information that caters to the specific needs recognized within the Hispanic community such as the importance of folic acid, a vitamin B that prevents birth defects of the brain and spine, also known as neural tube defects (NTDs). According to the March of Dimes, Hispanic women are 20 percent more likely to birth babies with NTDs than non-Hispanic white women. “While this disparity is not well understood, one reason may be that Hispanic women have a lower intake of folic acid,” the March of Dimes noted. “In the United States, wheat flour is fortified with folic acid, but corn masa flour is not.” can also find recipes from various Latin American cultures that can provide approximately 10 percent of the recommended daily amount of folic acid. People can also submit their own recipes on the website as well. “It’s such an easy thing to make folic acid a part of your daily routine, and it can provide a major benefit to your future family,” said José F. Cordero, MD, MPH, dean of the School of Public Health University of Puerto Rico and March of Dimes National Board of Trustees Member. “About half of pregnancies are unplanned, so women should take folic acid daily to give your babies the healthiest start in life.”

In addition to folic acid information, moms can also obtain health articles, education videos, and an ovulation and due date calculator. “ stands apart from other websites. For nearly 20 years, the March of Dimes has been the trusted source of maternal and infant health information to Hispanic women and families worldwide,” said March of Dimes’ Latino Outreach Director Lilliam Sanchez. “We are truly committed to this community and will continue to provide this much needed service, and more.”

According to eMarketer, mothers have also been using technology to better their financial situation. In the eMarketer report, “Mothers as Bargain Hunters: Using Old and New Means to Get the Most for Their Money,” mothers have been noted to using smartphones to access coupons, compare prices, and gather shopping lists. Mothers have also used social media to connect to brands for potential deals.

“Mothers who worry about the cost of a smartphone can take solace in knowing the device saves them money as shoppers,” noted eMarketer. “Many use it to access coupons, compare prices and compose shopping lists that immunize them from pricey impulse purchases.”

Source: Latin Post


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