Thalia is sweet music to your child’s ear (Voxxi)

Mexican singer and actress, Thalia, releases her first children’s album called “Viva Kids Vol 1”.

Thalia, once known for her provocative, sensual and flirtatious performances, has definitely toned it down since she became a wife and mother. Now, the Mexican star is back in the music scene with her first children’s album called “Viva Kids Vol. 1.” That’s right, our beloved “MariMar” has crossed-over from “Amor a la Mexicana” to singing for our kids, and might I add, for the young at heart.

“Prepare to take out the young boy or girl that you have within! #VivaKids soon!!!,” she tweeted on Monday March 10 about her upcoming production set to release on March 25.

The anticipating new musical project follows the recent launch of her children’s book “Chupi: El Binky que regresó a su hogar.” A creative and fun story for kids that also works as a parental tool for the moment their child should let go of the famous chupon or tete (pacifier). Among the “Thalia Kids Collection” is a DVD with colorful videos that will accompany the album, many in which she is seen interacting with cartoons. This only makes us wonder if Dora la Exploradora made the cut.

“Did you know we can sing the dreams to make them reality? In this rain of musical colors, you’ll draw a smile in the heart, to imagine our world of adventure,” Thalia said, according to album’s press release.

“Viva Kids Vol. 1″ counts with 11 new tunes that will have your kids bouncing and dancing at their tippy toes to the sound of Thalia. This includes fun jams in Spanish and English, including the famous cumpleaños tune, “Las Mañanitas” and “Tema de Chupi,” the book’s theme song.

Some songs in the list are even making a strong comeback, such as “El Piojo y La Pulga,” which we first saw her sing during her days of “Maria la del Barrio.”

Source: Voxxi (By Jessica Lucia Roiz)


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