Thalia excited for Hollywood Walk of Fame Star and wins Latin Times poll against Paulina Rubio

Thalia will be honored with her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Thursday, December 5. The 42-year-old singer is gearing up for the unveiling by posting a sneak peek of her star. “My God! They are building it,” she wrote on Instagram. “The pipe dream of a mother and her daughter are becoming a reality. Everything is possible with the favor of God.” The Latin soap star will receive the recognition for her career in music and acting. As an actress she is best known for her trilogy of telenovelas where she portrayed a naive girl named Maria who falls in love with a rich guy. “Maria Mercedes,” “Marimar” and “Maria La Del Barrio” are classic Mexican telenovelas that continue to be a hit up until this day in reruns. Her musical hits include “Amor a la Mexicana,” “Arrasando” and “Piel Morena.” See photos of Thalia’s star!

Thalia is an entrepreneur and has created a succesful brand, marketing her own clothing and jewelry line. She has also dipper her toes into the publishing world by releasing several lifestyle books including an autobiography. This year the Latin diva released her first children’s book titled “Chupie: The Binky That Returned Home.” The idea of “Chupie” was inspired by her eldest daughter when she tried to take away her “binky.” The “Te Perdiste Mi Amor” singer went in search for literature with techniques to help her out but was unsuccesful. “This is a story that I developed as a personal technique that worked for me to take away Sabrina’s binky,” she said in an interview earlier this year. The book has already been spun off to a musical project that will soon be released. “It occurred to me to tie the book with music, which is something I adore. To have the opportunity to sing to kids for the first time, and to make a kids’ album with classic songs that I grew up listening to, the songs that my children like.”

Thalia had the honor of guest co-hosting “The View” last week alongside acclaimed journalist Barbara Walters and Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg. The ladies discussed the American Music Awards 2013 from last night, focusing on Miley Cyrus’ bizarre performance with the cat in the background and the homage to Celia Cruz by Jennifer Lopez. Thalia raved about the performance by J.Lo as the best of the night and gave props to her for the amazing number. Another topic that was brought into the conversation was Katy Perry’s opening number, where she dressed as a geisha. Turns out people on the internet were upset as they said she had no business dressing up as a Japanese geisha. Thalia weighed in and recalled a time where she dressed up in a similar ensemble, but as a tribute to the rich Japanese culture. She said that Perry was not making fun of the culture and it was an homage.

Previously, Paulina Rubio and fellow Timbiriche bandmate, co-hosted the talkshow and LatinTimes ran a poll to decide who did a better job. The results were astonishing and with Thalia’s fans uniting and banding together as one, made the star the winner. At the time of publishing this article Thalia had the upperhand with 128,311 votes versus Paulina’s 28,061. Thalia was the clear winner as she felt right at home with the ladies talking about all those “hot topics” and maybe producers will possibly consider her making her go full-time. SEE RESULTS OF THE POLL DOWN BELOW!

Source: Latin Times


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