Thalia Guest Co-Hosting ‘The View’ With Barbara Walters, Whoopi On Nov. 25! 3 Reasons Gig Should Be Permanent! (Latin Times)

Thalia is set to guest co-host on “The View” on November 25, the Latin superstar revealed on her Facebook page. “Today the countdown begins! Only 7 days left until I co-host ‘The View,'” she wrote attaching a picture with the show’s logo with the number seven. The singer will join Whoopi GoldbergJenni McCarthySherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters on the panel to talk about the hot topics. She has been promoting the release of her children’s book “Chupie The Binky That Returned Home,” which was inspired by her eldest daughter when she tried to take away her “binky.” The “Te Perdiste Mi Amor” singer went in search for literature with techniques to help her out but was unsuccessful. “This is a story that I developed as a personal technique that worked for me to take away Sabrina’s binky,” she said in an interview earlier this year.

Thalia was also recently featured on the “Today” show, but only as a guest, not a co-host. We believe that if Thalia hits it off with producers and the panel of ladies, she has a shot of making this gig permanent and here are 5 reasons why: 1. She Is Latina: When “The View” started it was a representation of women from different walks of life and experiences coming together to discuss current events. As the show has matured and hosts have departed, it seems they have not mixed up the panel to create the chemistry the original ladies had. A Latina being added to the mix will definitely spice things up and bring on a different perspective on things. Latina’s have been featured as guest co-hosts before but none have landed a permanent place. This week Demi Lovato is a featured player and earlier this year Chiquis Rivera and Univision television journalist Pamela Silva Conde were also on the table discussing “Hot Topics.”

2. Bubbly Personality: The panel is in dire need of someone that is fun and fresh. Thalia comes off on-screen as a very enjoyable person and always has a huge smile on her face. That was supposed to be Jenny McCarthy, but she has fell short of expectations and reports indicate that the audience is turned off by her personality. 3. Cross Promotion: Thalia is a mega star in Latin countries and in the U.S., Latinos are familiar with her thanks to her telenovelas. Having her join the team will allow cross promotion of the show and maybe attract viewers that wouldn’t normally watch the show. Thalia has been absent from the small screen since her last telenovela aired in 1999 and her appearance would likely cause great expectations. With ABC and Univision joining forces in the news department with Fusion, “The View” can easily become an addition to their programming. Do you think Thalia should be a permanent host on “The View”? Sound-off with your thoughts below!

Thalia was one of the celebrities shocked this past weekend over the death of Karla Alvarez. The two co-starred in telenovela hit “Maria Mercedes” back in 1992. “I will never forget the marvelous moments that we lived together. My prayers are with your family.” telenovela queen Thalía, who was the lead of “Maria Merceds” in Karla’s debut telenovela wrote on Twitter.


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