Queen of Latin Pop Thalia on her first children’s book ‘Chupie: The Binky That Returned Home’ (NY Daily News)

Thalía Sodi, better known simply as Thalía, is a bonafied superwoman. The Mexican singer, who is also a songwriter, actress, businesswoman and mother of two, can now add children’s book author to her resume.
“Chupie: The Binky That Returned Home” is a story about a pacifier who misses its family after being away working hard to bring comfort to a baby. But when it’s time for the baby to become independent of the binky it proves to be a difficult and emotionally wrenching task –something most parents can relate to.
“After having my daughter Sabrina go through this terrible experience and it was dramatic for me as a first-time mother I created this story in a night of desperation,” Thalía explained.
The books main child character is named after her oldest child, Sabrina, who is now 6 years old. But when she was still a baby, letting go of her pacifier was a trying task.
“Sabrina was crying and looking for her binky in her crib and she couldn’t find it,” Thalía recalled about the night she came up with the story. “I came in and I said to her ‘Sabrina you know what happened? Your binky is missing his mother.’ And she said, ‘His mother?’”
From there, Thalía explained that “Yes binky has a mother, mommy binky and they live in Binkyland.”
“This was 3 a.m. and I had, had enough of this whole binky thing,” she admitted about the frustration many parents experience. “I explained, ‘Imagine you and me were pulled apart. Imagine you and me could not hug each other and kiss each other. Binky needs his mommy binky so we have to send him back home to Binkyland.’”
Baby Sabrina received her mom’s story well and said, “Mommy send binky to mommy binky.”
“In that moment it was the end of the story, the end of binky and then I went to bed,” Thalía said. “The next day she didn’t ask for it and I was like, ‘Bingo! I got something!’”
The book, which was released Oct. 31, is available in both English and Spanish and includes characters created and designed by Thalía, who also paints. The platinum-selling artist, who has two children with her husband, music executive Tommy Mottola, partnered with Gilt City for the book’s launch at the New York Public Library on Wednesday.
Although she’s already penned three previous books –“ ¡Belleza! Lessons in Lipgloss and Happiness,” “Thalía Radiante: The Ultimate Guide to a Fit and Fabulous Pregnancy,” and “Growing Stronger” – this is her first children’s book and her first work of fiction.
“It’s the first lesson that babies have of letting go of something they love,” she added. “It’s also the first step of knowing that it’s ok and that they are supported by love and their parents. It’s a big lesson in life.”


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