Thalia beach accident: Mexican singer gets hurt while vacationing on the beach


Mexican singer Thalía revealed on Instagram that she had an accident while on her vacation at an undisclosed beach. The beautiful singer shared a picture with her fans of barbed wire, an image of her injury, and chronicled her journey to the doctor’s office on Instagram. Judging from the pictures, it’s a fair assumption that Thalía is not a fan of getting shots. She ended her picture-journey of her beach injury with an image of herself on the beach in a green and white bikini, and a brown sun hat right before her accident.

Thalía’s first Instagram was of the rusty wire that she accidentally stepped on. “Murphy’s Law … Of all the beach, had to walk ON the rusty wire, thank God it was me, not my babies,” read the caption of the picture. Thalía is the mother to daughter Sabrina and son Matthew.

Her second Instagram was a picture of her foot, which showed a closeup of her injury, right before she took precautionary measures in light of her injury. Her caption read: “It is not large but is deep! Already disinfect it. Now … tetanus shot.”

Her third Instagram was a picture of the Mexican singer sitting in the doctor’s office, receiving her tetanus shot. Judging from her facial expression, the singer was not having fun. She captioned the picture with, “Aaaaaaauchhhhhhh!! Cooooooñ @ #% # *” and followed it with a three-picture collage of her receiving the shot that had a caption: “The time of day! Since dueleeeeee! # VacunaAntitenicaMalRolloYA”. She followed her string of Instagrams with a picture of herself from a moment right before the accident.


Mexican singer Thalía shares on Instagram about her beach accident.


Thalía revealed via the social media site that she stepped on wire.


Thalía reveals that she’s glad it was her and not her children.


Thalía told her fans she received the appropriate vaccinations.


Judging from her pictures, it seems like Thalía is not a fan of shots.

Source: Latin Times


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  1. Pero seguro que se alivio con una intetetanica que se puso de inmediato

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