Mexican Soap Opera Star Thalia Wanted to Follow Anthony Taberna on Twitter

ABS-CBN television host and veteran journalist Anthony Taberna got a newest fan in the person of Mexican soap opera actress Thalia, the main character of the famous Mexican opera, Maria la del Barrio and Marimar to named a few. The Mexican actress tweeted that she wanted to follow Anthony after she watched the commentaries of host during a segment in Punto por Punto.

The host was flattered upon learning the news that he was being mentioned by Thalia, although he don’t have any Twitter account yet but he said that he will try to have one.

Aside from his appreciation of Thalia’s tweet, Anthony also invited the Mexican actress to be her guests on the show “Umagang Kay Ganda.”

Meanwhile there were some reports that Thalia and husband Tommy Mottala will try to make arrangements with Jessica Sanchez to produce the debut album of the American Idol runner-up. The couple were solid fans of Jessica Sanchez, they were also proud of Jessica’s achievement adding the facts that Jessica’s father is from Mexico.

Anthony Taberna on Thalia


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